A database of state sponsored attacks




Alexander Goller, Operations Director at _cyel

Before Stuxnet,  the release of Edward Snowdens NSA files and the publication of the NSA toolset released by the Shadow Brokers the security scene was rumoring and suspecting states to sponsor cyber attacks and doing tailored operations against states and enterprises.

After the release of the NSA files everyone was shocked by the amount of work put into cyber attacks and surveillance and the evidence that our wildest imaginations actually have been exceeded by the reality.

Today hardly a month goes by without news on state-sponsored attacks all around the world. Attacks include data destruction, denial of service attacks, espionage and of course sabotage against civil and military targets.

The Council on Foreign Relations released a comprehensive database of state sponsored attacks called Cyber Operations Tracker under The database reaches back as far as 2005 and has valuable background information on the corresponding attacks.

The database is a great reminder on how crucial effective protection inside your network is and how bad we are doing at effectively protecting ourselves today.