IDEX Conference 2017

_cyel had the privilege to be an exhibitor at the 2017 edition of the IDEX Conference, which unites Defence Ministers, Chiefs of Staff, senior commanders from the Armed Forces, government officials, senior decision makers and other commanding officers from international militaries. _cyel took part at the show as a guest of our parent company Rheinmetall AG of Germany.

During the 5 days’ exhibition we had the opportunity to realise how the national defence is mandated to look after not only their land, air and sea but also to the cyberspace, as there is a growing pressure on the topic.

Discussed in general media you might find anecdotes about various military operations where the armed action has been preceded by cyber actions to reduce the defences, or simply whether state-nations are the ones behind some high profile cyber-attacks.

_cyel only delivers defence solutions, given our neutral, independent, position. We are happy to work with customers to raise their defences to unbearable work levels for the attackers. We do not believe that the best defence is a good attack. On the contrary we have proof that our defence is the best.

The fact that our solutions are based on a provable security model continues to be a refreshing game changer. Customers do appreciate the fact that they can understand how our solution operates to deliver the required security.