RSA Conference Abu Dhabi 2016

_cyel was a proud sponsor of the RSA Conference Abu Dhabi 2016, held at the Emirates Palace in UAE. We felt very welcomed in our very first show and would like to extend a thank you message to the organising team.

Over the course of the conference we had the opportunity to connect with many of the delegates to the event, certainly bringing a paradigm shift to the busy market of cybersecurity is not easy, but then the Gulf region is under major cybersecurity pressure; as reported by the Ponemon Institute [1], the region has the largest average number of records lost or stolen (30% above global average).

Customers conversations rapidly shifted from »sorry, I have never heard about _cyel, what do you do?«, to »very interesting, tell me more«. Certainly the value proposition of delivering safe networks, opposed to the never ending fight of securing existing systems, is appealing. The fact that it is retrofit compatible and flexible to the specific security needs of every customer and not asking for a blind trust on the solution but build on a provable security model sparked very vivid conversations.

We look forward to continue to the conversation and serve the needs of the customers in the region through the local offices of our partners.

[1] 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis. Ponemon Institute, June 2016


Impressions RSA Conference Abu Dhabi 2016 Impressions RSA Conference Abu Dhabi 2016 Impressions RSA Conference Abu Dhabi 2016