Cybersecurity involves a constant game of cat and mouse between attackers and defenders – in which the attackers always have the edge. _cyel was formed to rebalance this asymmetric competition. With top specialists, proprietary technologies from Switzerland and Germany as well as customer-friendly solutions.

Behind _cyel are seasoned technical specialists with deep insights into cybersecurity and the resolute determination to make the Internet fundamentally more secure. Neutral and long-term. The company was initiated by Rheinmetall and Dreamlab: Rheinmetall is promoting a neutral European solution to compete with the dominant market providers. Dreamlab possesses expertise in the methods and technology of cyber attacks and has used this to develop specific approaches that enable a solution for the paradigm shift.


Jaume Ayerbe

Chief Executive Officer

Jaume joined _cyel at its inception in 2016. Holding a Ramon Llull MSc in Telecommunications and an IESE MBA, he has spent twenty years in the IT and cybersecurity industries. Jaume is ISACA CRISC-certified and lives in Bern and in Madrid.

Tim Tecklenburg

Chief Financial Officer

Tim took responsibility for _cyel's finances with its inception in 2016. He holds an MA and a PhD from Münster and has been with industry for ten years, since 2011 for Rheinmetall. Tim lives in Bremen.

Toni Ala-Mutka

Product Director

Toni joined _cyel at the end of 2016. He holds a Raahe BSc in computer and DSP technology and has been working in the IT industry since 1998, always at the interface of technology and sales. Toni lives in Madrid and in Bern.

Board Members

Thorsten Quade

President | CFO with Rheinmetall Defence, Division Electronic Solutions

Nicolas Mayencourt

Science and Technology | CEO with Dreamlab Technologies

Stephan Beutler

Legal | Attorney at law, partner with Ambralaw

Matthias Lindenberg

Operations | Head of Cyber Solutions with Rheinmetall Defence

Our values

We attach great importance to neutrality and independence. This is the only way we can justify our customers' trust in us. Our company is a Swiss-German cooperation and relies on in-house development with proprietary technology exclusively from Switzerland and Germany.

As the market pioneer, we set a standard for the industry with moving target security. We build on open standards and strive for progress for the entire sector. We play a decisive role in the digital sovereignty of companies and organisations.

Our commitment

We secure the interface between cyberspace and the physical world – and thereby protect real values: infrastructure, business processes, data and more. The goal is to enable you to partake in the growing benefits of the Internet without being exposed to the increasing risks.

We see ourselves as a partner to the security managers within organisations. They cannot win the competition against the agile attackers with their low costs and high profits: No matter what even the best companies do for security with the existing measures, there are thousands seeking a weakness and someone will find it. Sometimes deliberately, sometimes by way of collateral damage.

It is time to solve the problem once and for all. This is why we are changing the rules of the game and rebalancing the asymmetry.