cyel sets industry standards

100% security will never be possible. What is available now is predictability: with moving target security, the effort involved in attacks can be demonstrably increased to any desired level. The future sense of security will no longer be based on trust but on mathematics.

We rely on specialists with in-depth understanding of the processes involved in cyberspace thanks to observation, analysis, forensics, experience – and visions. This enables our strategy change for cyber security.

When the Internet was invented, data protection and confidentiality were not part of the basic standard: it was precisely this simplicity, openness and clear addresses that made it successful. As a consequence, ever more and increasingly valuable content is being transmitted. That attracts criminals and spies; the attacks are becoming ever more professional.

Current security products correct and compensate for weaknesses in the original Internet protocols and endeavour to close existing gaps. We have learned from the attackers and developed a flexible method. And we continue to learn from the attacker’s behaviour to ensure that we remain one step ahead of the enemy at all times.

Although there can never be 100% security, it can at least be scaled up: thanks to moving target security, we can demonstrate mathematically how much effort an attack will require and can increase it to any desired level. As complex as our methods are for attackers, they are clear and understandable for your organisation or company.

With our security product, we lead the market. Here we give great importance to openness and verifiability; we set standards and want to involve the entire sector. For this reason, we will make our solution an open standard in future.